Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Mi Confesion
- by Koxmoz & Gotan Project -

(Apollo Novax)

Gotan Project ... from the Koxmoz for the world ... yes, I am ... and the voice of my thoughts ... my thoughts ... thoughts of the heart. How is the key, what is the secret? To be completely alone, both feet on the ground and a story in a while I have a subject. The world is my land, the sky my roof, Buenos Aires reap where my desires and my passions, but there is only empty and I'm not satisfied. If I speak of love ... is that the strange events in my life I own, but I shut the pain for the damage, it's like a dream within a dream. I bet full but quiet, each in his, I'm scratching, I'm sitting waiting ... that this time the destination planted not leave me ... do not let me planted ... no baby. Escuchame well .. . I am not chamuyo ... is love.

(Chili Parker)

I broke a che the devourer, the fault was not mine, I do not love anything, mine is astronomy, you wise well that I was a mess, you knew you well ... I'm a drunk. So now I do not complain, do not wait no longer call me skinny, everyone knows I prefer to be MC, until farolito street where I was born. I have a ballad for a madman, that I wrote it for me, because I'm crazy, and that caused me that you pensase, and thus a poem is born. The ablest we miss the APRs, still not to be as giles, so I do not fall in love again ... so I do not fall in love with you again.

(Apollo Novax)

Thoughts are my heart ... confession ... "what?" ... Neither my inspiration. Thoughts are my heart ... confession ... "what do I know , but I know that is not chamuyo" .. . nor my inspiration. (Bis X2) (Chili Parker)

... and so, we all stumble over the same stone.

(Apollo Novax)

Not chamuyo ... is love.

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