Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Mario Carta

Crystal River, Florida - United States

About Mario:

Mario Carta is a copper sculptor and photographer, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1960. He currently lives and works in Crystal River. By exploring the idea of movement, he reveals its awkward and humorous side. He considers the gestures in movement as metaphors for human beings who are always looking for fulfillment in their lives. His sculptures isolate these movements, along with movements of related objects, to create three-dimensional forms that reveal deep connections between motion and sound.

His sculptures display elements of romanticism, dark humor and symbolism, all in an effort to treat a wide variety of subjects in interesting ways. At the same time, he maintains a strong connection to the idea that function follows form.

Mario's works are inspired directly by his surroundings, where he uses everyday experiences as starting points. He uses conceptual approaches to drive labor-intensive processes that he views as personal, spiritual rituals, inspired by a nineteenth-century tradition called 'Fulfilled Absence'. By giving new focus and new perspectives to everyday situations, he frames these situations in ways that make them stand out from their original contexts. Although unintentional, Mario's works can be classified as part of a new romantic movement, since they highlight local sentiments in an era of global consciousness.

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